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    BMF Payback 8 Lug Truck Wheels for Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Ram Trucks and SUVs. BMF Payback 8 Lug Truck Wheels for Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Ram Trucks and SUVs. BMF Payback 8 Lug Truck Wheels for Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Ram Trucks and SUVs. BMF Payback 8 Lug Truck Wheels for Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Ram Trucks and SUVs. Our unique Freedom-Cap features a bolt-on design that allows you to choose up to 4 looks right out of the box.

    Payback - 20X10 -25mm - 8X6.5 - Black Milled (Set of 4)

    The BMF Payback - Black Milled Boom, here it is — the BMF Payback. These 8 spokes of pure badassery are sure to set your truck apart from the crowd. The Payback features a legendary spoke profile with fully milled pockets and accent details. The...

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    Now: $1,298.00
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Why BMF® Wheels?

You're here because you're looking for the hottest aftermarket wheel for your Ram 2500, something to make your truck stand out, something badass. Right? BMF® wheels are the answer.

Our truck wheels feature the deepest dishes and straightest rim lips available, period. Our fit and finish are second to none, and our styles are a master-class in wheel design. You'll love the look, and your friends will be envious. Checkout all that BMF® has to offer.

Epic Designs

We meticulously engineer each BMF® wheel style to enhance the appearance of your Ram 2500. We spend thousands of hours on each wheel design to ensure each wheel looks fantastic on your truck. From the modern, no-frills Hustle design to the ritzy Roulette and classic Payback, all BMF wheels feature original, exclusive designs you'll find nowhere else. Nothing else hits like a BMF® wheel.


Our finishes are truly epic. Our signature black machined finish features a unique multi-step process that yields the blackest blacks and the brightest milled surfaces. If you're into black wheels, our black + milled wheel is a real show stopper.

Our polished wheels feature a meticulously polished finish that produces an amazing luster that will look great for years to come.

So what about Chrome or PVD? Polished aluminum is better than chrome and much better than PVD. Polished aluminum is forever renewable. It will not flake or bubble, ever.


BMF® manufactures 20 and 22-inch rims for Ram 2500s in 0 and -25mm wheel offsets.

When it comes to fitments, we lean towards the aggressive side. Our 20X9 wheel size features a zero-offset for that edgy but clean look where the tire just slightly creeps outside the fender. You can expect a typical tire to sit about 1.5 inches outside the wheel well of your Ram 2500.

Our 20X10 and 22X10.5 wheel sizes utilize a -25mm offset. This offset will move the wheel outward for that hardcore off-road look. You can expect the tire to sit about 3 inches outside the wheel well with this offset. Either way, it's an aggressive hardcore look that you'll love.


When it comes to milling wheels, there is a difference between a BMF® wheel and everything else. Our wheels feature precision 3-axis CNC machining on a level un-achievable by the competition. Each spoke, each accent mark, each chamfer, every machining detail precisely machined the way we intended it to be.

What about that center cap?

In the world of mundane center caps where bigger seems to be better. Wait. What? Hell no. We are going down a different road. Our center cap is just as epic as the wheels. We call it the Freedom-Cap™, and it's the first customizable low-profile center cap.

Yeah, we did it. We took the biggest eyesore of a typical wheel and turned it into something extraordinary. A customizable experience where you can choose the look. Each wheel comes with four options right out of the box, with more options on the way.

These features are what separates BMF® wheels from the rest and will make your Ram truck undoubtedly stand out in a crowd.

Free Shipping!

Need more? our wheels ship for FREE to locations in the lower 48 states. So what's the hold-up? Get your BMF® wheels today.