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BMF Freedom-Cap™ - 8 Lug - Chrome

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BMF® Freedom-Cap™ Bolt-on Center Cap

For BMF Hustle, Payback, and Roulette ONLY! This cap will not work with older wheels.


Every wheel needs a center cap of some sort. So, why not make the best of it and use that space for something that means something to you? We did! Our new BMF® customizable center cap allows you to use that space to create a look that's unique to you. We've incorporated easy access, quick change, customizable inserts into our center-cap design. The result is a center cap that truly reflects your personality by allowing you to create your own look. Every BMF® wheel includes a starter pack of inserts to achieve up to 4 looks right out of the box with more new looks added all time.

Low Profile

Would you like some wheels with your center caps? Odd question right? Not really, some of the center caps on our competitors wheels are so big you might as well say you bought a set of caps and they included wheels. Gone are the days of giant center overbearing center caps that literally take over the wheel design. Our cap compliments the look of the wheel without adding a 10" disc of plastic to it. More metal, less plastic.


Our new BMF® customizable center caps are held in place by 2 stainless-steel socket-head-cap-screws. They also feature a specially developed dowel pin to assure the logo on the cap always lines up with the logo on the spoke. Its our attention to detail that really makes these wheels BMF®.


  • 1 chrome 8-lug center cap
  • 1 BMF® center lens
  • 3 BMF® trim rings
  • 2 stainless steel attaching bolts