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Boom, here it is — the BMF Payback. These 8 spokes of pure badassery are sure to set your truck apart from the crowd. The Payback features a legendary spoke profile with fully milled pockets and accent details. The entire width of the spoke is milled and chamfered to produce that next-level forged look. And we don't stop there, our craftsmen apply the multi-step paint, and clear coats by hand to ensure the finish on every BMF Payback is like black glass. Need more? We've got you. Paybacks also feature our exclusive customizable center cap design so you can create your look effortlessly. The fact is every truck looks better with Paybacks.


  • Exclusive BMF Styling
  • Deepest, Straightest Dish Available
  • BMF Freedom-Cap
  • Precision 3-Axis Milling
  • Premium Automotive Finishes
  • TPMS Compatible
  • Hub Centric*

Available Sizes

  • 20X9 0mm Offset
  • 20X10 -25mm Offset
  • 22X10.5 -25mm Offset

Available Finishes

  • Black Milled
  • Black Milled - Sport (Limited Edition)
  • Black Milled - Signature
  • Polished

Available Applications

  • See Application Guide On Product Page

BMF Freedom-Cap

Every BMF wheel ships with a unique BOLT-ON center cap that features a changeable graphic trim ring allowing the end user to choose the appearance they like best. We include 3 different trim rings to get you started with more on the way. We've also doweled the center cap to the wheel so the BMF logo on the cap will always lineup with the BMF logo on the spoke making for a cleaner overall appearance.

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1 of 1 Items