BMF® Payback™ for Silverado / Sierra 1500

The Payback™ features a legendary spoke profile with fully milled pockets and accent details. The spoke's entire width is milled and chamfered to produce that next-level forged look for your Silverado 1500. We don't stop there. Our craftsmen apply the multi-step paint and clear coats by hand to ensure the finish on every BMF® Payback™ is like black glass. The fact is every Silverado looks better with Paybacks™.

BMF® Hustle™ for Silverado / Sierra 1500

As part of our commitment to manufacture the finest truck wheels available, we present you with the BMF® Hustle™! Sleek and minimalistic in design, the Hustle features extra-wide spokes with absolutely flat profiles and fully milled pockets that perfectly contrast with our signature black finish. The BMF® Hustle™ is the de facto choice for Silverado owners looking for a modern wheel no-frills design.